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Science and engineering outreach, also called Education and Public Outreach or simply public outreach, is an umbrella term for a variety of activities by research Universities, and institutions aimed at promoting public awareness (and understanding) of science and engineering and making informal contributions to the education. In JUIT we aimed to provide awareness to the schools in Odisha or nearby states for the same purpose.

1. Public talks/lectures/discussions
2. Visiting secondary schools
3. Visiting BSc laboratories
4. Inviting and facilitating practical training to School/College  to aware about state of facility available at our Laboratory


Workshops/schools for teachers and/or students
  • Inviting groups of school students to our campus for lab visits and workshop. Lectures for various discipline will be delivered to those students. Another method of science outreach invites school teachers to participate in workshops where they are able to learn effective strategies to engage students in science. Such workshops will also be planned in near future.
  • College/School students and teachers   (+2  Sc, +3 Sc, Diploma and PG) are an important target group for science outreach. Outreach activities include visiting/Inviting  schools, giving talks at assemblies, discussions with students, or participation in events such as career fairs and science and technology camps.

Interested to visit state of laboratory facility ????????

Just drop an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Only, Principals /Head master of school should contact for above programme.

Past Programmes of Outreach:

1. Berhampur, During Covid; dated 31-03-2020

2.Roland Pharmacy College, Berhampur; Dated: 12-04-2023

3. Bhadrak Autonomous College Bhadrak: Dated: 14-4-2023




4. Aska Science College Aska, Berhampur; Dated   09-12-2023




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