Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry     Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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Professional Membership:

  1. Chemical Research Society of India, CRSI,(Life member, LM 2763)
  2. ACS Member, American Chemical Society
  3. OCS Member, Orissa Chemical Society (Patron Member)
  4. Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
  5. French Medical Society (SCT)
  6. FPGG Life Member
  7. Humboldt Foundation

  Journals  Editorial Member

  1. Editorial Member:  Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Oncology
  2. Editorial Member, Journal of Medicine,  and Development science.
  3. Editorial Member, Current Organ catalysis.

Administrative Responsibility

  1. Member; NAAC Cell, Berhampur University
  2. Member, IQAC Cell, Berhampur University
  3. Member, RUSA committee, Berhampur Un iversity
  4. Coordinator, PFMS, Berhampur University
  5. Member, R & D Cell, Berhampur University
  6. Co-Convener; IC-IACPT2015, International Conference, Berhampur University
  7. Convener, IC-RTCBSMNPDD2017, International Conference, Berhampur University
  8. Deputy Director, Central Instrument Facility, Berhampur University
  9. Member, Innovation cum Incubation, Centre, Berhampur University
  10. Convener, University Plantation Programme
  11. Member, Board of Study, Berhampur University
  12. Member, Green Audit Committee, Berhampur University
  13. Seminar In-Charge, PG dept. of Chemistry, Berhampur University
  14. Member Board of Studies, Berhampur University
  15. Convener, IC-CBSDD-2019, International Conference, Berhampur University

Reviewer:    More than 30 International Journals, ACS, RSC, Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, 

International committee member

Faculty  promotion committee

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry

Project evaluation committee; NRF Specialist Committee comprising of academics from South African Higher Education Institutions.

South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF)  Specialist  Higher Education Committee

PhD theses evaluation   Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch University, 7600 Stellenbosch
South Africa,


Organization of Seminar/Training programme

Co-Convener; ICIACPT-2015, International Conference

Berhampur University; 2015

Convener, IC-RTCBSMNPDD2017, International Conference

Berhampur University; 2017

Convener, IC-CBSDD-2019, International Conference

Berhampur University; 2019

Coordinator, RSMBU-2019, Research Methodology

Berhampur University; 2019

Coordinator, RSMBU WS-2019, Research Methodology

Berhampur University; 2019

Convener, N-COS-2020, national Conference

Berhampur University; 2020

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