Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry     Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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  1. Problem Solving approach tex book in organic Chemistry;, Complete series;Indu Book Service Private Limited, New Delhi -110002;   Get your copy using this link in discount: Click here:
  2. Dated 31-09-2023, Subhalaxmi Paper accepted in  "Chemistryselect"  Congratulations to all authors

  3. Project fellow position available  for S&T Govt. of Odisha,  Last date of apply 5th August 2023.  For details click here.
  4. Dated 08-05-2023;  Congratulations to Pradyota Kumar Behera for Best Poster Award  and Cash Prize  in 31ST CRSI at NIT Rourkela
  5. Dated 25-05-2023; Thanks S & T Govt. of Odisha for approving current project of Rs-10.0 lakh.
  6. Dated  05-05-2023; Miss Subhalaxmi Panda Successfully  defended the Thesis.  Thanks Prof. Alakesh Bisai  for conducting viva at Berhampur University. 
  7. Dated 15-02-2023; Our  paper accepted in  Chemistry select 2023,   (In Press).   (IF 2.3), Congratulation to  all author
  8. Dated 05/02/2023, Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar  Behera for Best Poster Prize ACS award   and Cash Prizein 30th  CSRI-NSC; 16th CSRI-RSC symposium at JNU New Delhi.
  9. 26-12-2022,  Papita Behera selected for  OURIIP. OSHEC Fellowship for Research, for 4 +1 year, Congratulations
  10. 16-12-2002; Prof. C P Rao (IIT Tirupathi), S. Baskaran (IIT Madras) and S. Mukherjee (IISC Bangalore) accepted invitation  & delivered talk at Berhampur University
  11. 13-12-2022 Mr Prabhupada Choudhury  chased  a PhD position in North Dakota State University USA, 
  12. 10-12-2022, Prof.  Victoria D'Souza accepted for a Extramural lecture at Berhampur University on 14-12-2022, 12.30 PM, "Unravelling Viral RNA Genomes: One Segment at a Time"
  13. Dated 29-11-2022 Our paper accepted in Eur. J. Org. Chemistry
  14. Dated  16-11-2022  ; Thanks  SERB for funding new project !!!,   
  15. Dated  11-11-2022  ; Our collaborative paper accepted in Carbohydrate polymer (IF 11.0)
  16. Dated   11-10-2022; Pradyota paper is accepted in  Chemistry select ; Congratulations
  17. Dated 21-09-2022, Prof. Alakesh Bisai  from IISER Kolkotta Delivered an Extramural  Lecture entitled  "Drug Discovery for Human Well-being and Role of Synthetic Chemistry"
  18. Dated 21-09-2022, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Succesfully Defended Thesis,  Congratulation for getting Doctorate degree. Thanks Prof. Alakesh Bisai for conducting Viva-Voce exam.
  19. Dated 12-08-2022; Our collaborative  paper accepted in  Free radical Biology and Medicine, 2022,   (In Press).   (IF 8.01), Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar Behera
  20. Dated 22-07-2022; IISER Berhampur Signed MOU With Berhampur University. 
  21. Dated 18/07/2022; Congratulation to Santosh Kumar Sahu for Submitting Thesis !!
  22. Dated 16-07-2022, Thanks Prof. Chary for accepting invitation for distinguished lecturer  at BU
  23. Dated 22-06-2022, Congratulation to Madhab Maity for  joining PhD at IIT Bhubaneswar
  24. Dated 18-06-2022, Congratulation Subhradeep Kar for joining PhD at IIT Guwahati
  25. Dated 10-06-2022, Congratulation to Asutosh Patra  for  joining PhD at IIT  Tirupathi
  26. Dated 27/03/2022, Congratulation to Papita Behera for Best Poster Prize ACS Omega award   and Cash Prize in CRSI-NSC-28 at IIT Guwahati
  27. Dated 10-01-2022, Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar Behera joined as PhD student
  28. Dated  18-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh Kumar Sahoo for geting ACS Omega Best Poster Prize award in International conference MTM-2021, SVNIT
  29. Dated 09-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh K Sahoo for being nominated to JNOST-2022
  30. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  New J Chemistry,  RSc; Congratulation to team member for hard work
  31. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  Research Journal of Berhampur University, RJBU; Congratulation
  32. Dated 11/08/2021; Pragati Rout moved to University of Connecticut, USA for PhD Programme, Congratulation  and best of Luck
  33. Dated 01/08/2021, Amlan Swain joined the group as CSIR project JRF.
  34. Dated  26/07/2021, Papita Behera Joined as PhD student, 
  35. Dated  03/07/2021, Advertisement of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in CSIR /02/0393/EMR-II,   Last date 19/07/2021
  36. Dated 31/05/2021, Santosh paper accepted in New J Chemistry, Congratulations to Pradyota, Prabhupada and Madhusudan
  37. Dated 23/03/ 2021, CSIR  New Delhi has funded a project 02(1151)/20, Thanks to Council of Scientiific and Industrial Research
  38. Dated 19/03/2021;  Pradyota, Paper accepted in A JOC, Congratulation to   Prabhupada, Rasmiranjan  and Santosh
  39. Dated  11/03/2021;Prabhupada, Paper accepted in NJC, Congratulation to   Pradyata, Tanmayee, Smruti, Rasmiranjan and Santosh
  40. Dated 02/03/2021; Awarded as Outstanding Reviewer, NJC, Royal Soceity of Chemistry
  41. Dated 26/10/2020; One of the Collaborative Paper accepted in Seminars in Cancer Biology !!!!  (Impact factor 15.09)
  42. Dated 23/10/2020; Our Paper accepted in Coordination Chemistry Review !!!  (Impact factor 22.0)
  43. Dated 07/10/2020; Santosh's paper accepted in Tetrahedron; Congratulations !!!
  44. Dated 24/09/2020; Santosh's paper is accepted in  ChemistrySelect;  Congratulation !!!
  45. Dated 07/09/2020; Reba Panigrahi   Defended PhD Thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Verma, Delhi University) Congratulation !!
  46. Dated 18/02/2020; Pragati Rout got PhD offer from University of Connecticut, USA, Congratulation
  47. Dated 13/01/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in   Chem-A. Eu. J 
  48. Dated 22/12/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in New J Chemistry
  49. Dated 20/09/2029;  Stanford University Professor, Prof. R. N. Zhare presented a talk ; Hosted by our research Group
  50. Dated 16/02/2019;  Mr Santosh Kumar Chowdhury  Defended PhD thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Sahoo, University of Hydarabad) Congratulation!!
  51. Dated 18/11/2020, “OrgSyn Certificate" award by Borad of Editor, Organic Synthesis
  52. Dated 19/11/2018, Paper  accepted  in Org. Syn, 2018, 95, 455.  (Unique achievement in reproduceble results from our laboratory)
  53. Dated 05/05/2018, Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Current Organocatalysis  
  54. Dated 14/03/2018:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Journal of Medicines Development Sciences 
  55. Dated 21/09/2017; Santosh paper accepted  in  Eur JOC 2017,  35, 5275-5292
  56. Dated 24/05/2017:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Oncology. 
  57. Dated 30/08/2016; Santosh paper accepted  in  Chem. - A Europ. J. 2016,  22, 14812-14815

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