Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry     Welcome to LDR Research group, Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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  1. Dated  26th February 2024, A review article is accepted in Molecular Catalysis, 
  2. Dated   17th January 2024; Papita Behera received best Poster award at Indo-French conference 2024 at  University of  Hyderabad.
  3. Dated   21st December 2023; Papita Behera received best Poster award at ACC 2023 in University of Delhi
  4. Dated   09 December 2023,   Aska Science college under graduate students visited our laboratory for Outreach activities 
  5. Dated 01-12-2023,  P. K.. Behera Published an article,  New J. Chemistry, 2024  (In Press)DOI https://doi.org/10.1039/D3NJ04319C
  6. Dated 04-11-2023, Problem Solving approach text book in organic Chemistry;, Complete series; Indu Book Service Private Limited, New Delhi -110002;   Get your copy using this link in discount: Click here:
  7. Dated 31-09-2023, Subhalaxmi Paper accepted in  "Chemistryselect"  Congratulations to all authors

  8. Project fellow position available  for S&T Govt. of Odisha,  Last date of apply 5th August 2023.  For details click here.
  9. Dated 08-05-2023;  Congratulations to Pradyota Kumar Behera for Best Poster Award  and Cash Prize  in 31ST CRSI at NIT Rourkela
  10. Dated 25-05-2023; Thanks S & T Govt. of Odisha for approving current project of Rs-10.0 lakh.
  11. Dated  05-05-2023; Miss Subhalaxmi Panda Successfully  defended the Thesis.  Thanks Prof. Alakesh Bisai  for conducting viva at Berhampur University. 
  12. Dated 15-02-2023; Our  paper accepted in  Chemistry select 2023,   (In Press).   (IF 2.3), Congratulation to  all author
  13. Dated 05/02/2023, Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar  Behera for Best Poster Prize ACS award   and Cash Prizein 30th  CSRI-NSC; 16th CSRI-RSC symposium at JNU New Delhi.
  14. 26-12-2022,  Papita Behera selected for  OURIIP. OSHEC Fellowship for Research, for 4 +1 year, Congratulations
  15. 16-12-2002; Prof. C P Rao (IIT Tirupathi), S. Baskaran (IIT Madras) and S. Mukherjee (IISC Bangalore) accepted invitation  & delivered talk at Berhampur University
  16. 13-12-2022 Mr Prabhupada Choudhury  chased  a PhD position in North Dakota State University USA, 
  17. 10-12-2022, Prof.  Victoria D'Souza accepted for a Extramural lecture at Berhampur University on 14-12-2022, 12.30 PM, "Unravelling Viral RNA Genomes: One Segment at a Time"
  18. Dated 29-11-2022 Our paper accepted in Eur. J. Org. Chemistry
  19. Dated  16-11-2022  ; Thanks  SERB for funding new project !!!,   
  20. Dated  11-11-2022  ; Our collaborative paper accepted in Carbohydrate polymer (IF 11.0)
  21. Dated   11-10-2022; Pradyota paper is accepted in  Chemistry select ; Congratulations
  22. Dated 21-09-2022, Prof. Alakesh Bisai  from IISER Kolkotta Delivered an Extramural  Lecture entitled  "Drug Discovery for Human Well-being and Role of Synthetic Chemistry"
  23. Dated 21-09-2022, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Succesfully Defended Thesis,  Congratulation for getting Doctorate degree. Thanks Prof. Alakesh Bisai for conducting Viva-Voce exam.
  24. Dated 12-08-2022; Our collaborative  paper accepted in  Free radical Biology and Medicine, 2022,   (In Press).   (IF 8.01), Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar Behera
  25. Dated 22-07-2022; IISER Berhampur Signed MOU With Berhampur University. 
  26. Dated 18/07/2022; Congratulation to Santosh Kumar Sahu for Submitting Thesis !!
  27. Dated 16-07-2022, Thanks Prof. Chary for accepting invitation for distinguished lecturer  at BU
  28. Dated 22-06-2022, Congratulation to Madhab Maity for  joining PhD at IIT Bhubaneswar
  29. Dated 18-06-2022, Congratulation Subhradeep Kar for joining PhD at IIT Guwahati
  30. Dated 10-06-2022, Congratulation to Asutosh Patra  for  joining PhD at IIT  Tirupathi
  31. Dated 27/03/2022, Congratulation to Papita Behera for Best Poster Prize ACS Omega award   and Cash Prize in CRSI-NSC-28 at IIT Guwahati
  32. Dated 10-01-2022, Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar Behera joined as PhD student
  33. Dated  18-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh Kumar Sahoo for geting ACS Omega Best Poster Prize award in International conference MTM-2021, SVNIT
  34. Dated 09-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh K Sahoo for being nominated to JNOST-2022
  35. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  New J Chemistry,  RSc; Congratulation to team member for hard work
  36. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  Research Journal of Berhampur University, RJBU; Congratulation
  37. Dated 11/08/2021; Pragati Rout moved to University of Connecticut, USA for PhD Programme, Congratulation  and best of Luck
  38. Dated 01/08/2021, Amlan Swain joined the group as CSIR project JRF.
  39. Dated  26/07/2021, Papita Behera Joined as PhD student, 
  40. Dated  03/07/2021, Advertisement of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in CSIR /02/0393/EMR-II,   Last date 19/07/2021
  41. Dated 31/05/2021, Santosh paper accepted in New J Chemistry, Congratulations to Pradyota, Prabhupada and Madhusudan
  42. Dated 23/03/ 2021, CSIR  New Delhi has funded a project 02(1151)/20, Thanks to Council of Scientiific and Industrial Research
  43. Dated 19/03/2021;  Pradyota, Paper accepted in A JOC, Congratulation to   Prabhupada, Rasmiranjan  and Santosh
  44. Dated  11/03/2021;Prabhupada, Paper accepted in NJC, Congratulation to   Pradyata, Tanmayee, Smruti, Rasmiranjan and Santosh
  45. Dated 02/03/2021; Awarded as Outstanding Reviewer, NJC, Royal Soceity of Chemistry
  46. Dated 26/10/2020; One of the Collaborative Paper accepted in Seminars in Cancer Biology !!!!  (Impact factor 15.09)
  47. Dated 23/10/2020; Our Paper accepted in Coordination Chemistry Review !!!  (Impact factor 22.0)
  48. Dated 07/10/2020; Santosh's paper accepted in Tetrahedron; Congratulations !!!
  49. Dated 24/09/2020; Santosh's paper is accepted in  ChemistrySelect;  Congratulation !!!
  50. Dated 07/09/2020; Reba Panigrahi   Defended PhD Thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Verma, Delhi University) Congratulation !!
  51. Dated 18/02/2020; Pragati Rout got PhD offer from University of Connecticut, USA, Congratulation
  52. Dated 13/01/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in   Chem-A. Eu. J 
  53. Dated 22/12/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in New J Chemistry
  54. Dated 20/09/2029;  Stanford University Professor, Prof. R. N. Zhare presented a talk ; Hosted by our research Group
  55. Dated 16/02/2019;  Mr Santosh Kumar Chowdhury  Defended PhD thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Sahoo, University of Hydarabad) Congratulation!!
  56. Dated 18/11/2020, “OrgSyn Certificate" award by Borad of Editor, Organic Synthesis
  57. Dated 19/11/2018, Paper  accepted  in Org. Syn, 2018, 95, 455.  (Unique achievement in reproduceble results from our laboratory)
  58. Dated 05/05/2018, Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Current Organocatalysis  
  59. Dated 14/03/2018:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Journal of Medicines Development Sciences 
  60. Dated 21/09/2017; Santosh paper accepted  in  Eur JOC 2017,  35, 5275-5292
  61. Dated 24/05/2017:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Oncology. 
  62. Dated 30/08/2016; Santosh paper accepted  in  Chem. - A Europ. J. 2016,  22, 14812-14815

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